Bizarre NRC Report of the Day

Okay, we’re going to file this under beyond ridiculous. In fact, this may be the first in a series of just unbelievable reports pulled from the NRC files that we’re going to blog about.

Today’s report comes from NRC Report number 834291. This is a report that was received at the National Response Center back on May 3, 2007.

The caller is reporting that during an overflight, a spill from a downed platform from Hurricane Katrina was discovered. The spill was found just off Grand Isle, LA and the responsible party is listed as BP America. The released material is said to be crude oil. The amount of crude oil released into the water? Are you ready for it? ONE DROP. Yes, apparently, with bionic eyes from his aircraft, the caller was able to see that ONE DROP of crude oil was spilled from a downed platform. This ONE DROP of crude oil created a sheen that was reported to be 80 feet long by 2 feet wide.

Let’s compare that report against one that was called in on August 17, 2004. That report was also called in listing BP as the responsible party. The August 17 report, number 732083, states that a loose plug on a drain deck caused a release of material on a platform. The material spilled into the Gulf of Mexico from this spill was hydraulic oil. The amount spilled during THAT incident was TEN DROPS. Did they count them as they went in? And the size of the spill from those ten drops of hydraulic oil? 10 feet long by 10 feet wide.

Was that one drop of crude oil a magic drop? Was it a drop the size of a cow? How do you have one drop of oil create an 80 foot sheen, yet a spill of 10 drops only causes a 10 foot sheen?

Inconsistent reporting? Party of one? Your table is ready.

Stay tuned, there are plenty of inconsistencies, and we’re more than happy to bring ’em to your attention in the days and weeks to come.