Interns wanted, apply within!

Looking for something to do this spring/summer? Here at SkyTruth, we’re interviewing for (unpaid) interns to help with Gulf pollution assessment and monitoring, Marcellus Shale monitoring, mountaintop removal and other important projects. We’re looking for talented people motivated to help SkyTruth promote the cause of conservation by raising public awareness through the use of images and maps. We need help with:

  • downloading, filtering and interpreting environmental datasets
  • identifying sources of imagery
  • processing and analyzing images
  • working with Google Earth and Maps
  • GIS mapmaking
  • GIS modeling
  • digital graphics production and manipulation to generate forward-looking scenarios (like this one)
  • other research (state and federal policies, regulations, history)

If any of this sounds good to you, or if you have other ideas, please contact us with a brief description of your skills and interests. Experience in the areas of GIS and remote sensing is helpful but definitely not mandatory to intern with us. What we need is smart, dedicated and enthusiastic people who believe in our mission. So call us at 304-885-4581, email us or come visit us in the Carriage House of the Entler Hotel and work with us this year!