SkyTruth Presentation at Shepherd University This Week

File this under quick updates: SkyTruth will be participating in a Meet and Greet with staff, students and faculty at the Byrd Center for Legislative Studies at Shepherd University at noon this Wednesday, February 16.

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  1. The Maiden Mark says:

    Great Job at your Shepherd U presentation today. I had several students from my International business class attend. I felt like I could incorporate the material into Global business ethics specifically with regard to the duties of MNE's on environment policy. Liked your comment that as an employee in the oil industry, you had no cause for alarm ….until you started doing this type of work. Glad that you do and what a great resource you will be to the University. Hope we respond in kind.

  2. John says:

    Thanks very much for being part of it today. We had a great crowd with lots of great questions – I'm beginning to see a pattern here with Shepherd U. We're looking forward to working with the students, staff and faculty on some exciting projects!

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