SkyTruth’s Work Cited in National Oil Spill Commission’s Final Report

The National Oil Spill Commission’s final report on their investigation of the BP/Deepwater Horizon disaster was released yesterday, and SkyTruth’s work is cited in several places. Sections of SkyTruth’s blog regarding the initial estimates about the spill’s true size can be seen on page 146, footnote 150 of the report.

The study, “Impacts, Perception, and Policy Implications of the Deepwater Horizon Oil and Gas Disaster” by MCBI’s Dr. Elliott Norse and SkyTruth’s John Amos, which appeared in a special issue of Environmental Law Reporter News and Analysis, a publication of the Environmental Law Institute, was also cited in two separate places in the Commission’s report.

Discussion about the lack of information on the ecosystems and the impact that deepwater drilling have on them is cited on page 174, footnote number 4 and on page 182, footnote 68.