SkyTruth at ScienceOnline2011 – January 15

Well, not “at,” exactly – I’ll be participating via Skype from snowy Shepherdstown, WV, in this fifth annual conference that looks at the intersection of science and the Web. I’m part of a panel and audience discussion that begins at 11:30am ET this Saturday called “The First Line of Response- The BP Oil Spill: science, outrage, spin, and dead pelicans.” We’ll take a look at the role of blogging and science – both good and bad (flaming hurricanes! exploding tornadoes!) – during the Gulf spill.

According to the organizers, the conference sold out in 45 minutes. But you can still follow what’s happening by watching live video, and chime in via Twitter (#scio11 for the conference, #oil during our panel). Should be interesting!