BP / Gulf Oil Spill – RADARSAT Images, Trouble With Alex

Two radar satellite images (black and white) taken by the RADARSAT-1 and RADARSAT-2 satellites on June 27, 2010, show oil slicks and sheen extending across 19,112 square miles (49,500 km2) in the Gulf. The radar images were acquired at 6:48 am (long image on right) and 6:52 pm (image on left) local time:

RADARSAT images aquired June 27, 2010, courtesy of CSTARS.

The color backdrop is a MODIS/Terra satellite image taken early afternoon on June 27. Thick clouds from Tropical Storm Alex, passing off to the south, are visible at lower left.

Alex is now causing problems – cleanup operations were suspended today because of the rough weather. Even the radar satellite images are getting messed up by gusty thunderstorms spawned by Alex and sweeping through the area. We may not get any good satellite imagery of the oil spill again until Alex has exited the Gulf later this week.

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