NOAA Air Photos Show Slicks (Oil?) Following Hurricane Ike

NOAA air photo showing slicks near Galveston

NOAA has just posted aerial photographs taken on September 14-15 in the Galveston area. These photos show what might be oil slicks, some originating at what appear to be large storage tanks. We can’t say for sure at this point, and we can’t tell how thick the oil is from these photographs — much of it may be thin “sheen” — so we don’t know how big these possible spills are. So take a look for yourself. Here’s our preliminary analysis. We don’t have any confirmation so be skeptical. If you can confirm or refute any of this, please provide a comment.

Extensive slicks near possible oil storage facility:

Slicks emanating from storage tanks:

Slick from large storage tank:

Large slick – source unknown: