SkyTruth was the first to publicly challenge the early “official” estimates of the BP/Deepwater Horizon disaster in 2010 by using satellite imagery to calculate the observable oil in the Gulf of Mexico.  Learn more about our history here.

If you can see it, you can change it

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SkyTruth is a nonprofit organization using remote sensing and digital mapping to create stunning images that expose the landscape disruption and habitat degradation caused by mining, oil and gas drilling, deforestation, fishing and other human activities.

Our vision is a world where all people can see and understand the environmental consequences of human activity everywhere on Earth, and are motivated to take action to protect it.

Our mission is to motivate and empower new constituencies for environmental protection through illuminating the issues that impact our planet.

We use scientifically credible satellite images and other visual technologies to create compelling pictures that vividly illustrate environmental impacts, and provide these pictures and supporting data to environmental advocates, policy-makers, the media, and the public.

Learn more about SkyTruth:

History -How one geologist brought a new perspective to the environmental movement and sparked a growing movement in the way we look at our impact on planet Earth.

Technology – All about satellites, aerial photographs, geosptial data, and geographic information systems (GIS); how SkyTruth uses these to create images and information that reveal the big picture of environmental issues.

Staff - Meet the people behind the scenes of the skytruthing movement.

Board & Officers – Our board of directors guiding and supporting the SkyTruth mission.