6.6 Million Gallons of Crude Oil Spilled in Paulsboro, NJ

Photo courtesy of WPVI-6ABC, Philadelphia

Yesterday there was a spill of 6.6 million gallons of crude oil at the Paulsboro Refinery in Paulsboro, NJ. The Paulsboro Refinery is own by PBF Energy and is located not too far across the Delaware River from the Delaware City Refinery, which is also owned by PBF Energy.

According to a report from the West Deptford Patch, 6.6 million gallons of crude oil spilled into an emergency containment area, but the DEP reports that there is no major health or environmental risks associated with the spill.

Photo courtesy of WPVI-6ABC, Philadelphia

Workers sprayed the oil with foam after the spill occurred yesterday, however due to the rain in the South Jersey area overnight, the foam broke up and the smell is back and has drifted over the river to Marcus Hook, PA. This news report from WPVI-Channel 6 in Philadelphia shows aerial footage taken yesterday in a flyover by their HD camera on Chopper 6. In the footage you can see the foam being sprayed over the spill. Channel 6 reports 6.3 million gallons spilled.

The NRC report, which was taken yesterday at 3:15 p.m reports 10,000 gallons of oil spilled.

Photo courtesy of WPVI-6ABC, Philadelphia

The Gloucester County Times reports that yesterday’s leak stemmed from a broken pipe on a containment tank that has the capacity to hold 12 million gallons. The fuel odor can be detected as far south as Baltimore County, Maryland, according to this recent report by the Park Overlea Patch.